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All powders are either new (never loaded) or pulldown (recovered from pulldown ammo).
Surplus powders can vary greatly in burning rate from lot to lot.
Always begin with starting loads and work from there.
No HAZ MAT fee ($28.50) on orders of 6 jugs only (or multiples), mix-or-match
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Listed in order of approximate burning rate (fastest to slowest).

Propellant Description Name
WC852 This is a recently acquired lot. Pulldown from Lake City Ball M2 ammo loaded in 1969. Use Hodgdon H-380 data for this lot. Be sure to begin with starting loads. A ball powder that works great in the M1 Garand rifle. Limited supply. This is pulldown ball powder. $150/8# jug. IMR7383 This is a slow burning stick powder originally used for the Cal. .50 M48A2 Spotter/Tracer round. This is not the same case as that known as the .50 Browning Machine Gun cartridge. This powder is NOT recommended for the .50 BMG round. It is a very bulky, single-based powder, composed of 85% nitrocellulose and 15% stabilizers, flash inhibitors and graphite; that was developed to replace the IMR4831 powder that was being used. It has about the same propellant energy as IMR4831 when compared in equal volume. IMR4831 data can be used. Begin with starting loads, reduced 15% by weight. This is new powder, not pulldown. $56/7# jug. WC857 New item. A slow burning ball type powder developed for the .50BMG tracer ammo. This powder burns faster than the typical WC860 thru WC872 series of powders. This powder has not been released as a canister powder. Loads can be worked up using H-870 or AA-8700 data, less 10%. Burning rate seems to be similar to Hodgdon H1000 or Reloder 25. An excellent choice for the .300 Win Mag, 7mm Mag, and other magnum type calibers. Good results in .25-06 with heavy bullets. This is pulldown ball powder from Lake City. $72/8# jug IMR5010 Original application is .50 Cal. BMG ammo. Same powder as originally sold by Hodgdon as H5010, and similar to their current 50BMG. Very slow burning that can be used in most of the bigger magnum calibers. This is pulldown extruded powder from Lake City. $64/8# jug. WC860 Original application is U.S. .50 Cal. BMG ammo, used for the Ball M33 and API M8 projectile. A ball powder which can be loaded using Hodgdon H870 or AA8700 data. Just received a limited supply. This is pulldown ball powder from Lake City. $56/8# jug; $216/4-8# jugs ($54/jug); $300/6-8# jugs ($50/jug) WC870 Here is some of the exact original type powder as was sold by Hodgdon, called H870, until discontinued. A ball powder originally used in the 20mm Vulcan round, until replaced by WC872. This powder is also very similar to Accurate Arms AA8700. Because of the lot to lot variations in burn rate, be sure to begin with listed starting load data. Works great in the .50BMG and other large capacity magnums. This is pulldown ball powder. $48/8# jug; $176/4-8# jugs ($44/jug); $240/6-8# jugs ($40/jug) WC872 Original application is U.S. 20mm Vulcan ammo. A ball powder which can be loaded using Hodgdon H870 or AA8700 data. Very limited supply. Ideal for .50 BMG and other large capacity magnums. This is pulldown ball powder. $48/8# jug; $176/4-8# jugs ($44/jug); $240/6-8# jugs ($40/jug)
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