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All brass listed below is subject to regulations of the military munitions list.
Consequently, this brass cannot be exported without obtaining an export
license from the U.S. Department of State.

"C" = 100 - "M" = 1000


Caliber Description
5.56mm NATO Just in: Recent shipment, once-fired, mostly LC, some WCC and FC; (223) some SAWS (M249) brass, mixed dates. Decent brass, but a little dirty, but serviceable. Add $25/M to polish and process primer pocket. Ttl Qty: 100 500 1M 5M $ Cost: $15 $60 $100/M $475/5M 7.62mm NATO Military, machine-gun, Once-Fired. Lastest purchase. Mixed (.308) headstamps, all boxer primed. All serviceable. Add $25/M to polish and process primer pocket. This processing does not size nor trim. Ttl Qty: 100 500 1M 5M $ Cost: $20 $85 $150/M $700/5M ($140/M) .30-06 Lake City military. New and unfired. Pulldown brass generated from loaded Ball M2 ammo. Deprimed, with headstamp mostly LC72, with some LC54 and LC55. Cleaned and polished. $35/100; $150/500; $275/1000 9x19mm Once-fired commercial. Cleaned and polished. Mixed headstamps Luger to include Winchester, Federal, Remington and others. None have been fired in Glocks. $8/100; $35/500; $65/1000 .357 Sig Once-fired commercial. Cleaned and polished, nickel plated. $10/100; $45/500; $85/1000; $400/5000 .40 S&W Once-fired commercial. Cleaned and polished. Brass cased, not shot in Glocks. $10/100; $45/500; $85/1000; $400/5000 .45 ACP Once-fired commercial. Mixed headstamps include Winchester, Norma, Remington. All take large pistol primers, no small pistol. Cleaned and polished. None fired in Glocks. $15/100; $70/500; $125/1000 .50 BMG Lake City, once-fired. Just in. LC09 & LC10 headstamps, very nice condition. Boxer primed and completely reloadable. $90/100; $435/500; $800/1000 6.5x284 Nosler fully prepped, premium brass, #10190. This brass was bought and Norma loaded for Camp Perry competition. Returning from Perry, the shooter has decided to change caliber, and offers this brass. 78 are once-fired, and the remaining 22 rounds were pulled down. Offered for sale are 100 cases. The 22 pulldown are still primed with Russian match primers. $55 buys all 100 cases

Jeff Bartlett 1309 W. 9th St. Owensboro, KY 42301 (270) 685-2432 (800) 714-6348 FAX: (270) 684-6249